Sunday, January 16, 2011

The first semester in one blog...

I haven't written a new blog in a really long time, and for that I am sorry.  I have been super busy tryingto figure out if I am were I am suppose to be.  For those of you that read my last blog and are anxiously awaiting the answer to whether or not I am still at Furman, I AM STILL HERE!!! I have fallen in love with Furman.  I was contemplating leaving because I could not let go of the life I had at home, but as soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone and branched out I found really great people.  At the end of December I faced some serious problems with being able to return to Furman for second semester because of financial problems.  I actually only told just a few people that I may not be returning because I just could not face the reality that I may not becoming back to a place that I really love.  For the two days that people began to leave  I was an emotional wreck, and tried my best to just be thankful for the time that I had with them.  I had prayed so much, and I was starting to lose faith that God was going to answer my prayers, which is really embarrassing to say but thats what was happening.  I did not really feel like I had a purpose to trying anymore.  God, of course, knew exactly what he was doing.  I should have never doubted him.  Over christmas break I recieve my miracle from God.  My mom recieved a phone call that changed everything.  Apon realizing that once again God had done something so great for me.  I realized that he was going to be there through anything.  I learned a lot from this experience:
1.  I need to be more thankful for the things and experiences I get to have because I deserve nothing.
2.  I am blessed for the things that I have and the things that I don't.
3.  God is ALWAYS going to be here for me, even when I think I am walking alone, he is always there.
4.  Furman is where I belong, God proved that for me over the break.
5.  People actually care,
So I am back at Furman, and I am trying to appreciate every moment that comes along because I know that I am a blessed girl to have such great friends and a place to get a great education. 

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