Monday, January 17, 2011

Rush...Greek is Good

    "Going Greek," an expression used when referring to rushing or joining a sorority. In most colleges sororities have certain stereotypes that I have tried to avoid my entire life. When I arrived at Furman, I had no expectation of joining a sorority. I started meeting loads of ladies that are in sororities, and that changed everything. I was hooked, and I was so excited to finally be in a sorority, get a jersey, have a new set of sisters. One sorority in particular was what I really wanted...KD. I could see myself fitting in there, most of the cheerleaders where in KD, and it juts made sense. So I applied for RUSH, and waited for the first semester. Over the Christmas break I anxiously got outfits prepared for the four rounds of rush. After Christmas break, the girls on my hall and I looked at each others outfits, and we were all really excited.
     Friday, January 14 each AZ group meet to go over the process of Round 1. I was super stressed out about RUSH, because I knew I needed to be perfect in order to get invited back to KD. My stress continued to build from December until Round one. Round one was this past Saturday, and during Round one you simply go around and talk to ladies in each sorority. I had so much fun, I forgot my nerves once I got through the first sorority which happened to be KD. After I finished all of the groups something changed. I was struggling with a decision that I knew needed to be made as soon as possible.
That night at ten o' clock we had to meet in Hipp Hall to get our invites back. Well I had my mind made up before I even got into the room. Everyone sat down, my AZs went over the bid cards, and handed out our invitation. I looked at my invitation while everyone else was writing down which sororities they want to go back to. I opened mine, didn’t have a problem with what I saw, but I had already made my decision. Everyone turned in their bid cards, and I asked to speak with one of my AZ leaders. I began to explain to her that I was wanting to withdraw from RUSH. She didn't ask why, and at the moment I didn't want to tell her. I actually only told very few people why I decided to withdraw. But here it is...the main reason I decided to withdraw from recruitment. That day and for weeks before Round one even, I stressed over what the girls were going to think of me, and would I be good enough to be a part of their selected group? Something clicked when I was sitting there, something told me that I didn’t need anyone to tell me that I was good enough or that I could be long with them. I was just fine with where I was, and I could still meet people other ways.
     As soon as I made my decision I felt totally at peace, which is the reason I know I made the right decision. Yes, I did cry...a lot actually. The rest of the night was spent with me being really upset and not understand why things where happening the way they were. The next morning though I was completely fine, my friends have helped me through this and the other disastrous things that have happened to me this week.
     For those of you that are going through recruitment best of luck to you, I am sure that you are going to find the perfect group that you belong to. I did not write this to bash recruitment because overall I had a really positive experience. And I know now that you should not always listen to stereotypes because there are GREAT girls in sororities at Furman, It's not for everyone though.

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